Almost any chemical products

We manufacture, supply and export. Direct deliveries from factories of the Russian Federation. We develop new reagents and carry out contract manufacturing.
About Company
«UFA-CHEM» - is a mix of experience of large industrial chemicals traders, carriers of scientific developments in complicated synthesis, as well as oilfield, drilling and metallurgical professionals.

We continuously maintain direct delivery of feedstock contracts with most large petroleum refineries and manufacturers producing industrial chemicals, which allows us to offer our customers highly competitive prices for the entire range of manufactured products.

Thanks to our strong R&D department, we can quickly adapt any of our products to the needs of the customer. Each of the reagents presented on the site is not strictly defined in composition and has at least 10 brands differing in their properties, each of which was created according to the technical specifications of a particular customer.
The official opening took place in August 2019. The purpose of the creation of the company "UFA-CHEM" was the aggregation of production and logistics facilities with working capital, reputation capabilities and intellectual resources to maximize compliance with all the challenges of the modern market and promising areas of development of the world economy.

We are currently equipping a new laboratory, constructing an administrative building and expanding the cargo area.
Production Facilities
We have our own tank farm with a capacity of 1000 tons in Ufa with railway tracks, 3 unloading / loading units for up to 3 tank cars at the same time and a cargo front for 5 tank cars. We can ship products in tank containers.

We provide temporary storage services, up to 10 days, subject to the availability of technological capabilities. We have a Russian Railways license for loading / unloading dangerous goods, as well as a permit for the use of methanol.

Our capacities allow us to produce up to 400 tons of products at a time, both according to our own specifications and according to the technology provided by the customer, with quality control at every stage and a guarantee of the quality of the final product.
Sales territory
Our sales territory covers the whole of Russia, as well as CIS and far abroad countries. Logistics is carried out by transport companies that have proven themselves as reliable carriers.

All motor vehicles have the necessary authorizations to transport dangerous cargo in accordance with ADR and the UN regarding dangerous cargo transportation.

We provide railroad shipments in cistern wagons, tank containers as well as in sea containers. We work with freight and provide multimodal transportation.
Our largest Suppliers
Supply of feedstock and petrochemicals
Supply of feedstock and oil-refining products
Supply of petrochemicals and industrial chemicals
Supply of feedstock and advanced refining products
Supply of raw materials and petrochemicals
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