(MMA, N-methylaniline)

Gasoline additive - increases the octane number by 6-9 units, is a good antiknock agent, works great with Ferrocene and MTBE, adds 11-15 units to the RON together.

- Upgrades quality to 95 Premium
- Improves the properties of gasoline
- 4 times more economical than MTBE
- Reduces CO and CH in the exhaust
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The addition of N-methylaniline in an amount of 1.5% of the mass gives an increase in the octane number by at least 6 units, which is equivalent to the effect of the use of xylene, toluene or MTBE in an amount of more than 10% of the mass.
The use of N-methylaniline makes it possible to produce motor gasolines in accordance with the norms of Russian and international technical regulations.

When added to gasoline, it stabilizes and improves anti-knock properties and improves environmental friendliness, in particular, reduces the content of CO and CH in the exhaust.

In comparison with other octane-increasing additives, MMA is required 6-7 times less with equal efficiency, which improves the cost price in terms of logistics.
Monomethylaniline (MMA, N-methylaniline)
Appearance: clear liquid, pale yellow to amber in color

Chemical formula: C6H5NHCH3

Synonym: Monomethylaniline (MMA), N-methylphenylamine

International name: N-methylaniline

CAS: 100-61-8

UN: 2294

EINECS: 202-870-9

UN classification: UN hazard class: 6.1; UN packing group: III

Main substance content: not less than 99%

Solubility: completely soluble in gasoline

Shelf life: 1 year

Storage: Away from strong oxidants, strong acids and food and feedstuffs. Store in a well ventilated area. Store in an area without drains or access to sewerage systems.

Storage conditions: in sealed steel containers under a nitrogen "cushion" in open areas or in a ventilated dry room at a temperature not exceeding 40 ° C. When stored without a nitrogen "cushion" under the influence of atmospheric oxygen, the color may change from yellowish to dark brown.

ATTENTION! Use local exhaust or respiratory protection. Protective gloves. Protective clothing. Use a face mask or eye protection in combination with respiratory protection. Do not eat, drink or smoke while working.