Cetane-enhancing additive CETANOS

Significantly increases the cetane number of diesel fuel, with a maximum introduction (20%) up to 25 units. Easily mixes up with diesel fuel, there is no separation in the finished product, even during long-term storage.

Available in two brands:
- Grade A - cetane number 125, increases flash point (by 10 ° C), reduces sulfur content

- Grade B - cetane number 115, increases flash point (by 8 ° C), reduces sulfur content, disperses paraffins, improved organoleptic properties
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Benefits of CETANOS
Increases the cetane number
Increases the cetane number to 25-28 units at the introduction of 20% by volume
Reduces LFT
Low pour point of the additive slightly reduces the limiting temperature of filterability and pour point of the finished product
Stability and dissolution
Complete solubility in diesel fuel and stability of the final product
Extremely low additional cost
Due to the large volume of substitution (20%), it practically does not affect the cost of the finished product
Improves fuel properties
The additive affects not only the cetane number, but also reduces sulfur and improves lubricating properties
Increases flash point
Increases flash point by 8-10 ° C depending on brand