Combustion catalyst for gasoline ULTIMABURN

A complex additive that combines a combustion catalyst and detergent properties, which improves the combustion (oxidation) of fuel without changing its physicochemical properties. It has a positive effect on the completeness of combustion, modifies deposits and carbon deposits in the combustion chamber of the engine, transferring the fuel to a higher class, in terms of emissions, corresponding to the EURO 5 or 6 standards.

Recommended input rate ULTIMABURN – up to 0.01% (1 liter per 10,000 liters).
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ULTIMABURN reduces the energy of the activation reaction for the oxidation of hydrocarbons in the combustion chamber of the engine, which results in a decrease in temperature that ensures complete combustion of the fuel during the oxidation reaction. Lowering the temperature in the combustion chamber reduces the maximum pressure and therefore the rigidity of the engine and significantly reduces the emissions of harmful substances in the exhaust gases. The combustion catalysts have the maximum effect on the combustion of high-boiling fuel fractions, that is, on the afterburning process.

In a gasoline engine, the use of a combustion catalyst in the fuel composition gives a more complete pyrolysis of the non-evaporated part of the fuel in the afterburning phase, which cannot burn without a combustion catalyst, since the air excess factor for a gasoline engine is close to unity.

The presence of combustion catalysts at the last stage of the combustion process causes almost complete afterburning of gasoline and increases the pressure on the piston in its final stage of movement to the bottom dead center, thereby ensuring smoother engine operation, reducing the tension of the cylinder-piston group and increasing the engine resource.
A significant reduction in carbon formation is due to the fact that when the catalyst and deposits interact, afterburning takes place beyond the top dead center, in the high temperature region, which cleans the combustion chamber from organic deposits, and also modifies and removes organometallic deposits (in the case of using additives in fuel containing organometallic connections).

High efficiency of combustion catalysts ULTIMABURN also explained by the presence of detergent components and organic radical-forming components in their composition, which repeatedly participate in chain termination reactions, and their "sticking" to carbon deposits and deposits in the combustion chamber and gas exhaust duct contributes to the burning out of the latter and cleaning the combustion chamber.
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Benefits of ULTIMABURN
Improving engine efficiency
By increasing the completeness of gasoline combustion, the engine efficiency increases to 7%
Reduced fuel consumption
Fuller combustion increases engine power and reduces gas mileage by up to 6%
Combustion chamber protection
Modifies carbon deposits and deposits in the combustion chamber and exhaust system and completely removes them with exhaust gases without increasing harmful emissions
Low dosage
The recommended intake rate for gasoline is only 100 ppm (1 liter per 10,000 liters)
Decreased sensitivity
Thanks to the efficient afterburning of gasoline in the combustion chamber, the engine's sensitivity to fuel quality is reduced
Environmental friendliness
Reducing the content of CO, NOx and hydrocarbons in exhaust gases by up to 30% and transferring gasoline to a higher environmental class