Depressant and dispersant additive ULTIMAFLOW

Unlike the commonly used third-generation depressant-dispersant additives (eg Keroflux 3501), our development ULTIMAFLOW belongs to the fifth generation of additives.

The third generation additives are very selective in relation to the quality of diesel fuel, and therefore are less effective in most cases, with the exception of large refineries.

ULTIMAFLOW is effective when used with diesel fuel of almost any quality and allows you to convert summer and off-season fuel to winter and arctic at a dosage of only 600-1000 grams per ton. Improves the antiwear properties of diesel fuel by 25-30%.
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ULTIMAFLOW is an additive that improves the properties of middle distillates and light heating oil at low temperatures, affects the growth of wax crystals and improves their dispersibility. Allows to significantly reduce the limiting filterability temperature and the pour point of diesel and light heating oils and marine low-viscosity fuels.

The good dispersibility of paraffin crystals in diesel fuel and light heating oil makes it possible to store them for a long time at temperatures below the cloud point without noticeable sedimentation (settling) of paraffins.

Introduction of ULTIMAFLOW without heating, only 5 °C above the diesel cloud point. The additive temperature must be at least 25-30 °C. If it is impossible to provide the required temperature of the additive and diesel fuel, then it is possible to pre-dilute the additive with kerosene or diesel in a ratio from 1: 1 to 1: 3. In this case, the temperature of the additive solution and fuel during stirring can be from -15 to +10 °C. Direct injection of the additive into the column is possible.
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Преимущества ULTIMAFLOW
Reducing the limiting filterability temperature
Reduces the limiting filterability and solidification temperature by 20-25 ° C
Introduced without heating
Low pour point of the additive makes it possible to add without heating, only 5 °C above the cloud point of diesel
Stability and dissolution
Complete solubility in diesel, marine, furnace and low-viscosity fuels and stability of the final product
Low dosage
To convert summer and off-season fuel into winter and arctic fuel, only 600-1000 grams per ton are enough.
The additive affects only the limiting filterability and pour point, without affecting the lubricating properties and cetane number
The latest technology
It belongs to the fifth generation, in contrast to the third generation additives widely offered on the market.