Complex reagent for acid treatment ALPHASTAB-F

The reagent has low corrosiveness, slow reaction rate with carbonate rock.

Prevents the formation of asphalt-resin-paraffin deposits (ARPD) due to low interfacial surface tension at the border with oil.

Prevents the fallout of secondary precipitation, high iron binding capacity (up to 2000 ppm (0.2%) and higher).
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The removal of salts from downhole equipment is ensured even at a low acidity of the composition, while the oilfield equipment does not undergo significant corrosion and allows the use of acid compositions for mineralization of formation waters of 20-270 g / l. As an active reducing agent, the reagent reduces iron (III) to iron (II), preventing the formation of insoluble iron (III) hydroxide clots.

The hydrophobic components help to reduce the corrosiveness of the reagent to the standard level, while simultaneously reducing the interfacial tension at the boundary with oil, which serves to remove bound water from the formation and hydrophobize the pore surface. The reagent also has bactericidal properties.
Salt inhibition
Removal of inorganic sediments and prevention of salt deposition due to complexing additives
Iron stabilization
Elimination of risks of formation of resinous products and persistent acid-oil emulsions due to stabilization of ferric ions
Reducing the rate of acid corrosion
Economical effect
Increasing the injectivity of wells and
intensification of oil inflow