Development of fuel additives

We provide services for the development of additives and additives for gasoline and diesel in accordance with the customer's specifications.

Additives and additives are created for various purposes - increasing the octane number, limiting filtration temperature, lowering the pour point, improving the cetane number, increasing environmental friendliness, eliminating odor, improving anti-knock properties, or under several parameters at once.
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Operating procedure
Primary information
The customer provides information on the composition of the original product, the presence of additives and additives in it, as well as the targets to be achieved with the new product.
Sample original product
The customer provides a sample of the original product, in an amount sufficient for laboratory research and subsequent intermediate tests of prototypes of the new product.
Research and testing
We investigate the obtained sample of the original product, clarify the composition of the components and proceed to the development of prototypes based on the obtained data on the composition. Successfully tested prototypes are sent to the customer for testing.
Customer testing of prototypes
The customer tests the received prototypes of the new product to make sure that all the targets of the technical task are achieved and chooses the most suitable one in terms of quality and price.
Development of technical documentation
After the customer selects a prototype, the technical specifications and other necessary technical documentation are developed, technological maps are created for the production of a new product.
Production of a trial batch
After the development of all the necessary technical documentation, the customer is invoiced for a trial batch of a new product and its production is carried out, followed by testing on a pilot batch of the original product. After successful testing and achieving all the required indicators within the real production cycle, you can start serial production of a new product.